In Which the “Transabled” Enter the Scene

Just a Blip on the Radar

I’m going to preface this post with a link to the article that instigated my thoughtstorm:

“Becoming Disabled by Choice, Not By Chance: “Transabled” People Feel Like Imposters in their Fully Working Bodies,” by Sarah Boesveld

Excuse the word vomit, I just felt super compelled to articulate my thoughts on the matter…But this article spurred my brain into rant mode.  I seriously thought this article was satirical in nature…To be honest, I would have enjoyed reading it far more if there was even an OUNCE of stylized irony. I was disappointed to discover the opposite by the conclusion of the entry.

Far be it from me to speak on behalf of the disabled (since I don’t even fall remotely within that category), but based on the courses I’ve taken and the knowledge I’ve garnered from the subject, I can’t stay silent on this matter.

Gender is perceived as a spectrum, because…

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