How Humans Are Still Evolving To Avoid Extinction

Transability could be one of them…

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One thought on “How Humans Are Still Evolving To Avoid Extinction

  1. Poppycock. (Or as you Dutch say, pappekak.)

    Unlike the rest of the world’s organisms, we largely control and manipulate our environment: we have created the indoors, places which protect us from the elements in ways far superior to any dwellings other organisms have created. We convey ourselves from one place to another by many other means than just natural walking – which gives us advantages.

    In short, we are unlikely to face extinction due to selection pressures, because we withstand such pressures due to our artificial environments.

    True, mass numbers of poorer humans might die off due to disease, natural disasters, and a host of calamities, but most of the most well off ones will survive to breed and make more humans.

    Also, God has promised not to destroy the world again by a flood, so we need not fear ‘climate change’, either; again, poor people in low-lying areas might die off, equatorial regions might become unliveable, but the extreme north and south of the planet might become even more habitable for humans.

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