The biker gang shoot-out in Waco

“Because “biker gangs”, unlike Black gangs, are seen as a strange subculture. They are not seen as “what White people are like.””

All good points being made. The system is biased BOTH ways. In some ways against black people, in some ways against white people, keeping everyone at each other’s throat.


waco-twin-peaks Waco after 8 people were killed.

The biker gang shoot-out in Waco (May 17th 2015) took place outside a Twin Peaks restaurant in the middle of Texas. At least 9 were killed, 18 injured and 170 arrested. There was blood everywhere. It put the restaurant out of business, throwing 150 or so people out of work.

It started as a fist fight in the bathroom of the restaurant. The fight spread. People used clubs and chains and knives and guns. By one estimate, there were 30 people shooting. At least five gangs took part – six, if you count the police.

Amazingly, no bystanders were hurt or killed, even though it took place at a shopping centre on a Sunday afternoon where people were shopping and celebrating graduations.

baltimore Baltimore after rioters killed 0 people.

This comes when the Baltimore riot on April 27th over the death of Freddie Gray at the hands of police…

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