Murder Is A Bitch

Hipster Racist

You are always haunted by victims “bleeding out.”

You start it with killing animals and learning to suppress any sympathy for your
victims. I had always assumed that the point of showing Catholic imagery of
Christ cruicified was to instill sympathy/guilt for your torture victims.

But in some ways I suspect that deep, explicit sympathy for your torture victims
actually provides a sort of immunity to what you are doing; by “empathizing”
with your victims, you are actually emotionally accimlizing yourself to their
reactions to the torture.

They kick, you empathize without removing the impetus for their kicking.

It’s heady stuff.

The private predilections of Harvey John Jack McGeorge, a United Nations weapons inspector to be sent to Iraq, probably were the tawdry subject of more Thanksgiving Day dinners than he d care to know about. His enthusiastic taste for S/M made the front page of the…

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