Pakistan rebuffs media reports on nuke sale to Saudi Arabia


ISLAMABAD: Islamabad on Thursday dismissed as “baseless” media repors that Saudi Arabia has taken a strategic decision to buy nuclear arms from Pakistan

“Pakistan’s nuclear programme is purely for its own legitimate self-defence and for maintaining a credible minimum deterrence,” Foreign Office spokesperson Qazi Khalillulah at a news briefing.

His remarks came after London-based Sunday Times quoted unnamed senior US officials as saying that Saudi Arabia had taken the strategic decision to acquire ‘off-the-shelf’ atomic weapons from Pakistan”.

“Our nuclear programme is meant for its security and there is a strong command and control system over it. Pakistan is aware of its responsibilities as a nuclear state,” Khalillulah said.

“There has been an entirely baseless and mischievous campaign in the international media about Pakistan’s indigenous nuclear programme,” he maintained.

He said the story carried by the Sunday Times was utterly unfounded.

The spokesperson said Pakistan supports objectives of non-proliferation as…

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