LUKS & ZFS on Xubuntu


Work Desktop/Notebook

The setup on my primary work machine, an Acer Aspire V3 771g  required a  production ready environment. LUKS provides full-disk encryption, exactly what a security/privacy conscious persona like me needs. On top of that, I simply can’t miss the best file system on earth, or shorter; ZFS which keeps my data/work safe and reproducible. Combine all that with a lightweight Linux distribution like Xubuntu, and you’re ready to go.


You’ll need a 64bit OS, a LiveCD of your prefered OS, a CPU with AES capabilities, enough RAM and media (CD, USB stick…)  to temporary store your LiveCD image.


  • 1 internal 500GB Harddrive
  • 1 external 500GB USB Drive
  • 1 8GB USB storage device
  • 1 LiveCD holding Xubuntu
  • Intel i5 with AES capabilities and 8GB of RAM
  • SWAP configured as ZVOL (ZFS Volume)

LUKS setup

I won’t waste neither my time nor your time on how to burn…

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