10 Bartenders Reveal How They Can Tell You’re Easy

Thought Catalog

Flickr / dana robinsonFlickr / dana robinson

Are you starting to feel like you’re attracting the wrong type of guys (like homeless men, for example)? It might be due to the fact that you’re giving off the wrong impression when you’re out on the town. And who better to point out all the things that are making you look like the girl that wants to be taken home instead of the girl who wants to be taken out than your local bartender, who has a bird’s eye view of what male patrons look for while they’re staking out potential one night stands?

Read on for what these 10 bartenders had to say about the things you’re doing that are making you look easy – from the drinks you order to the shoes you’re sporting.

1. Playing with the stem of your cherry.

“Ladies, you are not Carrie Bradshaw and this is…

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