Drones From RED China

Symmetric warfare? Asymmetric warfare?

Hell is eternal, Hell is eternal, Hell is eternal…


Told ya so: wrote about it in 2013.

Fancy model toy airplanes strapped with explosive ain’t a Top Secret Program you can keep all to yourself. When it’s not hi-tech, even the natives with bones in their nose will kill ya – especially if you’re a hypocritical fascist Imperial Power bleating about “freedom” to the world while you drop bombs on ragheads and stick the Hubble IRS Microscope up the TParty’s rectum.

What’s Drones for The Goose…  IS

Drones For The Gander

Now, RED China will flood the world with military quality drones. The People’s Liberation Army is planning on making 42,000 UAVs. Forty-two-fucking-thou. They’ll likely sell twice as many to….

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