What If TSHTF…and Nothing Changes?

YESSS!!!! Never bet on everything breaking down. If anything, the rich, the powerful, and likely your enemies are better prepared than you. After all, that is why you hate and fear them.


“The Big One” never seems to hit. It’s just like the mythical earthquake which is supposed to split California off into the ocean. It never happens.

The shit has already hit the fan in the US. Several times. What happens every time is that the ruling class gets off and gets more power. Only the working and middle classes are then worse off.

We will only focus on two examples. The financial world ended in 2008. This “should have” destroyed Wall Street. Who got screwed in 2008?

Not Wall Street. They got a bailout. But the working man didn’t get one. He lost alot of wealth and many lost their homes. The American police were actually ….

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