“Why ‘leftists revolutionaries’ are not the best feminists”

Anti-Porn Feminists

Nick Cohen, The Observer, Sunday 3 February 2013

The far left cannot face up to rape and its ignorance is killing it. The willingness to excuse the humiliation of women has already destroyed the reputations of Julian Assange and George Galloway. Now it is destroying the Socialist Workers party, which is not only Britain’s largest Marxist-Leninist group but the most unscrupulous gang of hypocrites I have ever met.

The SWP’s crisis began when a woman member alleged that a senior figure in the party had raped her. The SWP refused to name this hero of the proletarian vanguard; unlike the “bourgeois courts”, revolutionary socialists hide the identity of alleged rapists. Nor did it call the police. Instead, it sent the man it called “Comrade Delta” to the SWP’s disputes committee. The seven “judges” had no independent evidence – how could they when they were a bunch of Trots rather than…

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