Learning Hebrew

Learning Hebrew is indeed crucial for understanding Judaism.

Milo and the Calf

Generally, a classical education in the western sense begins with Latin.  The languages use of roman characters, status as the grandfather of the romance languages,  and deep influence on English all make it much easier to lean than, say, Greek.  My father knows Latin; my wife studied it and can still conjugate the occasional verb, phrases from it pop up constantly in my work as a lawyer.  I should really be starting there, but for idiosyncratic personal reasons I am starting with a language that is generally not even considered part of a classical philology course of study.  I am starting with Hebrew.

I have no idea what this says.

Why?  Three reasons.  First, I want to be a better Jew.  A couple of year ago I converted to Judaism under the auspices of the conservative movement.  My wife and I are not particularly observant –  we’re high holiday Jews…

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