What is a Witch?

Terra Rubrae


“What can we learn of this witch figure?  She takes energies out of consciousness and pulls them toward the unconscious to forge a link between the two mental systems.  We know the roots of our consciousness reach deep into the nonhuman, archaic unconscious.  The witch archetype makes visible to us the very depths of what is humanly possible, the great silences at the edge of being.  She stirs up storms that invade whole communities of people.  She conducts vast collective energies to our very doorstep.  These undirected unhumanized spirits forces are symbolized for us as ghosts, dead ancestors, gods and goddesses come up from the world below.  What do we gain from this vision?  A sense of perspective…the witch-seer makes us see into the proportions of life.  The radical impact of the witch archetype is that she invades the civilized community.  She enters it.  She changes it.  She heralds the timeless process of originating out of the unconscious new forms of human consciousness and society.”  ~Dr. Ann Belford Ulanov

When most hear that…

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