The White racist guide to riots

“Because Black people are destroying their chance of being treated like animals by Arab and Asian shopkeepers from behind bulletproof glass. Because those same shopkeepers hire so many Black people and do not drain money from the community.”

Arabs and Asians? Lateral violence?


la-na-nn-new-hampshire-pumpkin-riots-20141019 Because pumpkins: Keene, New Hampshire, 2014.

When there is a riot going on somewhere in Black America, the important thing is to excuse the unjust, racist social order of the US. So, be sure to say the following (commenters can add their own suggestions below):

“Violence is counterproductive. Be patient. Let the system work.”

Because it has worked so well in the past, especially for Black people, especially when they do not rock the boat. Because the nation was already busily ending police brutality. Because justice in the US is colour-blind, even to the colour of money.

Apply the words “thugs”, “violent”, “lawless” and “unacceptable” to
rioters – but not to the police.

Because the police and police brutality are none of those things. Because violence and setting stuff on fire is only acceptable when your sports team has lost (or won). Or when there is a Pumpkin Festival. Or…

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