The War on the Homelessness

“It is illegal to sleep in your own car. Begging is illegal.

Many cities across the US have criminalized being poor and homeless.”

How superior is an religion that allows euthanasia by humane means! If you have nothing to lose, everything is possible.

Hell is eternal, Hell is eternal, Hell is eternal!!!


It is difficult to describe the cruelty of the American system. Americans are very defensive and consider “their system” the best ever. Almost like a battered wife defending her abuser.

Capitalism produces a high body count and failure rate. Almost no one “makes it big.” Yet, the entire focus of American society and media is on that one in a million who does get rich and famous. 999,999 do not make it.

You will never be as ripped as Stallone, as beautiful as Jenn, or as rich as Warren Buffett, It’s not just “hard work.” Everyone works hard. Stallone is on roids, Jenn uses plastic surgery, and Buffett is hooked up with powerful men.

America has declared a war on failure to achieve the…..

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