Why I don’t give a fuck about male circumcision zealots

“I’ve noticed that people who are zealously against male circumcision are often men who have not been circumcised and their stance is mostly a reaction to how they were teased as a child for being uncircumcised, or how women they had sex with reacted to their penis. It is an attempt to redirect the shame of their own penises onto circumcised penises.”

Interesting theory.

Angry 365 Days a Year

I learned a few years ago that a certain subset of humans appear to believe male circumcision is one of the greatest acts of barbarity still perpetrated in the modern world. They get incredibly obsessive over the topic and they don’t seem to comprehend that many people rightly think the topic simply isn’t that fucking important.

I can generally let them go, I have no interest in trying to sway them from their views. Although it can be a lot of fun to make jokes at their expense. However, where this crowd can make me extremely fucking angry is when they say that male circumcision is exactly the same as the female genital mutilation still practiced in some societies.

From experience, I have learned that it is absolutely pointless to “engage” or “debate” with people who are obsessed with this issue. It’s an emotional issue for them and once an issue has become…

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