Why Men Think Women Belong to Them

“and you must get a lot of girls.”

Key word: MUST

The reverse double standard. But let’s face it, women consider men their property as well: e.g. Korean women do not like “their” men dating Dutch women.

Our Beautiful and Sick Society

“Male sexual entitlement is the belief that men are owed sex on account of their maleness.”How Male Sexual Entitlement Hurts Everyone by Jarune Uwujaren


There are many ways in which our societies keep on telling men that they have sexual entitlement over women. From education to cinema, it seems that the cliché of females owing their bodies to males they doesn’t even get to choose is never-dying.

Culture-wise : let’s talk about cinema. Every action-packed movie has about the same scenario, which we print into children’s mind as the right thing to do : the guy is the hero and he chooses the girl he wants (not important whether she’s interested in him or not) and will get her at the end. Here’s a compilation of James Bond getting Bond Girls (they’re nameless, because, well they are objects after all) :

And cinema is not…

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