The Intertwining of whorephobia and transphobia

Well, sex workers are often trans, so disparate impact is relevant in any case.

Sometimes, it's just a cigar

This might be called a think piece, as in I am kind of thinking aloud.

I have observed with interest how the usual suspects over at the New Statesman have circled their wagons regarding *that* letter in the Guardian. One of the things that I have noticed is how an attack on sex workers and trans people has been moved into an attack on trans people. The letter may have opened by repeating the lies that Kate Smurphate had her gig cancelled because of her views, and not because of a picket she invented, but the aftermath has been one of “mouthy trans activists”.

This intrigues me. It was afterall my tweet to the LSE fem soc that Miss Eight Tickets used as evidence a protest was planned. Yet, as CArter pointed out at the time, not a single person ever contacted me to ask if there was a…

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