Power to the people; A post for International Sex Workers Rights Day

“This is the kind of picture beloved of those opposed to sex workers rights, although they prefer to show a Man of Colour silencing a white woman, so deep-rooted in racism are the trafficking myths.”

Missing White Female. This moral panic is the result of cognate nature of whiteness, that is, the belief that a white female is absolutely necessary to a white male to produce a white child. Contrast this to the one-drop rule, or an agnatic system in which patrilinearity is the guiding principle.

Sometimes, it's just a cigar

Content note for mention, without details, of rape and child abuse. 

One of the things people claim about both sex work and BDSM is that they find them empowering. It is something I personally understand. I think the process of realizing I was the mover in my own life with regard to my sexuality began the first time I visited a swinging club. To realise that others found me attractive struck at the core of my view of myself. To be able to say yes, I want, I like sex, touched very deep beliefs. For years I struggled with my identity as a woman, and a mother, since for me wanting sex was so tied up with being abused.

As I explored swinging, which led to BDSM and also to sex work each step was a move towards reclaiming what was taken from me, the power over my own body…

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