On the perverse sense of modesty Christian females are expected to adhere to

"I got my own back." - Maya Angelou

I really started noticing it when I was 17. I had been attending a youth group for about a year, and it was my first time feeling like a member of a church. I loved it. I loved going two nights a week, I loved the other teenagers, and I loved the youth minister. One Wednesday night, I invited two younger girls to come with me and drove them there. They were announcing a beach retreat to Panama City, and we all three wanted to go. Then came the rules: girls are expected to wear shirts over their bathing suits at all time. “Even in the water?” Even in the water.

One of the girls and I went to the youth ministers office after the sermon was over and everyone had left. We understood that churches insist on modest dress, and that wasn’t something we planned to get into, but something…

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