Most Internet traffic will be encrypted by year end. Here’s why.

And using languages you don’t know.


The networked world may reach a crypto-tipping point this year. More than half of the world’s Internet traffic will likely be encrypted by year end, says a report released by the Canadian networking equipment company Sandvine on Thursday morning.

Encryption, which keeps the content of digital communications hidden from prying eyes, protects about 30% of the Internet traffic in North America at present, according to the report. By the end of 2016, that figure should more than double to more than two-thirds of the continent’s Internet traffic.

Why the upswing? In a word: Netflix [fortune-stock symbol=”NFLX”].

Sandvine, the Waterloo, Ont.-based company that made the projections, is best known for its previous reports that have revealed the extent to which Netflix dominates the world’s digital pipes. With more than 40 million subscribers in the United States (about 60 million globally) and 10 billion hours of video streamed in the first…

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