Just to be Clear….

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As I read Acts 15 last night, and as I stumbled across a recent blog post by an annihilationist friend of mine just today, I felt it necessary to say a few things in passing about where I stand on annihilationism.

1. I believe that annihilationism is heresy that entails some very bad conclusions regarding the person and work of Christ, the nature of salvation, and the nature of God’s Law.

2. However, I don’t believe that a person is not a Christian because he adheres to annihilationism.

3. To require that one believe the orthodox doctrine of hell in order to be savedwould be a damnable heresy, for it would be adding to the Gospel.

4. I don’t reject annihilationists as my  brothers in Christ.

5. However, I cannot in good conscience say that they are teaching sound doctrine, nor can I in good conscience refrain from identifying…

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