Firefox-maker Mozilla takes steps to make web surfing more secure


Mozilla, the maker of the Firefox web browser, said it would phase out a commonly used but insecure kind of web protocol to prevent hackers and governments from spying on users.

The non-profit developer community said it would eventually stop supporting non-secure HTTP, or hypertext transfer protocol, for exchanging data on the web. Instead, it plans to switch over to “HTTPS,” an encrypted version of the protocol that ensures better privacy and security for users.

HTTPS has been gaining support in a number of corners lately including the United States’ government. Other organizations, like the Electronic Frontier Foundation, have been pushing a wide array of Internet services and websites to adopt the technology amid heightened worries about security in the wake of revelations by National Security Agency-whistleblower Edward Snowden about government spying.

Mozilla security lead Richard Barnes and his colleague Martin Thomson drafted a document outlining the move…

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