Escaping the Echo Chamber Part 1: Origin of Intersectionality

The Men's Feminist Network

When I first began this blog, I did so with the stated intention of creating a dialogue, a space in which men might come to learn about feminism and all the reasons why it was a movement they should get behind. When I got started on what seemed to many to be a somewhat quixotic task, I anticipated resistance from the usual suspects. Men’s rights activists, men who were wedded to their misconceptions about the movement, and men who wouldn’t take me seriously were all factors I anticipated when I got started. What I didn’t anticipate was just how entrenched the resistance to ideas like mine was, not from enemies of the movement, but from feminists themselves.
First, let’s examine some specifics of the resistance I am referring to. When I speak of  “ideas like mine,” I’m talking about the idea of feminism as something that can positively affect existing…

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