Education : Stop Sexualizing Five-Year-Old Girls

If you notice, YOU are the pedophile…

Our Beautiful and Sick Society


“I’m not surprised to see the dress code shaming come into my house. I have after all been sadly waiting for it since the ultrasound tech said, “It’s a girl.””

The Apparently Immoral Shoulders of My Five-Year-Old Daughter, Jef Rouner

I’ve been reading a lot of very disturbing stories through Facebook (yes, the eternal source of WTFs?!) about teenagers and young girls who are being slut-shamed, or dress-code-shamed, at school, and by “competent” authorites.

Most stories go like this : girl who is between five and fifteen years old wears spaghetti straps or yoga pants to school, or a dress, or whatever, and a picture of her attire is shown. So far, I’ve never seen any picture I deemed indecent, and I’m a fierce warrior when it comes to leggings-hate. So, said girl goes to school and is told her clothing is inapproriate by some authority, teacher…

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