Criminal Justice

” All the secrets of law enforcement are revealed in……. their tomes. I have been to the university libraries of this country. There are shelves, full of thousands of books, many never having been opened. The wisdom of the ages free for the taking, but no one wants to take. ”

Again, useful for everyone.


WNs are leaving too much on the table. They work with a small portion of the information out there. Not good enough, for what they claim to want.

Criminal justice is a field of study, just as physics and chemistry are. They have journals and academics, who influence practice. They have papers, seminars, and their own departments at the university.

They also have law enforcement magazines. Because the Americans are capitalists, they will sell you their LEO magazines if you have the money. You can even get a subscription.

There is wide variety of LEO books. Advanced Patrol Tactics, Rules of Evidence, Surviving the Streets, SWAT Tactics are all ones I’ve read. As with American movies, all you have to do is cast off the BS, which for cops is the “we’re the good guys, they’re the bad guy” mentality.

All the secrets of law enforcement are revealed in…

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