Yes, kill all men

“slut shamed and controlled in the name of honour”

That cause I could agree on, in order to give my enemies tit-for-tat.

Left at the Lights

UPDATE: Hey Redditors, of both misogynist and liberal feminist varieties.. I love how y’all pick apart ‘kill all men’ yet not a single one of you has mentioned the worldwide trend ‘kill all Muslims’. I love how mental illness is used to discredit me and how much of your pathetic little lives you’ve wasted analysing my words. If mental illness means giving a damn then I need to be sectioned.

I am a 33 year old woman who spent a decade in women’s services, supporting women in domestic abuse shelters so trying to discredit me by calling me a ‘teen’ was a bit of a miss too.

I say kill all men because saying things nicely never worked. If y’all can dismiss my anger like this, I doubt very much it would help my cause by being polite. No, I as a disabled 33 year old woman of colour could…

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