Vox Day to David Pakman: #Gamergate is about the “right” of gamers and game developers to be immune from criticism

Cowardly Liberal Men: I’m Sick of Your Shit

The tag line of David Futrelle’s website We Hunted the Mammoth is “the new misogyny, tracked and mocked.”

Some things Futrelle purports to be against: “backwards notions” about women; men who feel women owe them sex; men who threaten women who disagree with them.

Great. What about men who claim to “feel like women?” If you think Futrelle has anything to say against the transgender identity party line that 1) there is some innate, mysterious way that women feel that 2) has nothing to do with our biology or lifelong socialization and 3) male people can somehow know this feeling and 4) knowing that feeling – empathizing with the innate, mysterious way that women supposedly feel – makes a man a woman – well, then you are mistaken.

Put a pink ribbon on your ladycock and suddenly “ladybrain” is no longer the backwards notion that kept women locked out of education and public life for centuries. A lesbian doesn’t want anything to do with your ladycock? No worries, you can call that bitch a hateful bigot and Futrelle will not mock you for your toxic sexual entitlement. Spend all your days telling women who know how babies are made to get raped and die? No worries. Not a mockable offense. This is not the “new misogyny” he is looking for.

(Futrelle does not allow the slur “tranny” on his blog, which I commend. However, the comment sections of WHTM are chock-full of the anti-feminist slur “TERF.”)

Futrelle is just one of many supposedly pro-feminist men who are really just garden variety entitled dudebros. Which would explain why he thinks paying women to facilitate male orgasms will liberate male sexuality, and why he would *never* mock the pornsickness at the center of so many men’s ideas of what being a women “feels like.” After all, liberation from the gender straightjacket is all about more and easier orgasms for penis-havers, right, Lefties? Seen along those lines, women’s impregnatability is such a boner killer. Might as well pretend it doesn’t exist, and if that cripples feminist analysis, well, shut up you (anti-penis) bigot.

Meanwhile, in January of 2013, philosopher and Green Party politician Rupert Read published this very tepid blog entry in which he posits: “Is it enough, in order to BE a woman, to psychically identify as one? …we must surely answer: no.” Unfortunately for Read, some AFTAs (anti-feminist trans activists) recently got wind of this obviously reasonable statement, and piled on him – just like they do on a daily basis to any woman who protests that femaleness is a material reality and not simply whatever male people imagine/desire.

Of course, Read cannot simply stand firm on the point that femaleness is a material reality. No, he must apologize, grovel, and promise to take time to read and learn more. Glosswitch has already written brilliantly about what a cowardly, misogynistic cop out this is, so I won’t rehash.

But I will prognosticate: the voices Read “learns from” will be full of shit. He won’t be seeking education but re-education, a voluntary indoctrination into what the modern Left considers acceptable to say about sex and gender.

He will not read detailed analyses of so-called “transgender” identity politics from a radical feminist viewpoint. He will not take to heart the pro-feminist message of so many good, decent, honest, thoughtful transwomen. He will instead listen to the AFTAs who seek to silence both camps. Because he will listen to the people who have the money and media sway to affect his political ambitions.

He will parrot the thought-terminating cliche that Trans Women Are Women, and he will never again publicly question that any man who simply says so is instantly and unquestionably a trans woman – and therefore a woman – and he will not protest as women’s spaces and language are destroyed by this Free Pass For Penis-Havers.

This is, of course, bad for women. It is also bad for transsexual people, whose communities have been steamrolled by misogynistic, pornsick cross-dressers. It is also bad for male children, who are being told that if they like “girl stuff,” they must have a “girl brain,” and so should be “referred for gender counseling” and put on puberty-blocking drugs.

Men like Futrelle and Read have the power to stand up to this biology-erasing, brainsex touting, misogynistic, homophobic nonsense. They have the power to say that both the word “female” and the label “trans” should have a clear meaning. They have the power to say that male children who identify with girls and women are our hope for the future of men and should not be pathologized/beaten into identifying as female in order to keep the myth of innate masculinity alive.

But of course they won’t do any of that, because if either of these supposedly liberal men actually gave a shit about women and gender non-conforming males, they’d have to take a good hard look at the gender hierarchy that keeps men in power. They’d have to consider giving up their own sexually entitled, condescending attitudes towards women AND the terror they feel at accepting transwomen as fellow males. They’d have to stop going for the easy targets and tell men to change – tell men that no, we don’t need to expand the definition of woman to include the be-penised, but if we could cut the violence and homophobia from the definition of “man,” that would work out a lot better for humanity.

Neither Futrelle nor Read will ever take that stand, because to do so would require something they (and most self-labelled “liberal” men) lack: a modicum of courage.


we hunted the mammoth

Vox Day: I ran his head through some Photoshop filters this time. Vox Day: I ran his head through some Photoshop filters this time.

Yesterday, I wrote about Vox Day’s extravagantly evasive — yet highly revealing — interview with David Pakman. But the interview also featured a few striking moments of candor. One of these came when Day — a sometime gave developer as well as the biggest asshole in Sci Fi — offered his answer to the question: “What is Gamergate really about?”

Suggesting that the issue of “corruption in game journalism” was little more than “the spark that set the whole thing off,” Day declared that

what Gamergate is fundamentally about is the right of people to design, develop and play games that they want to design, develop and play without being criticized for it.

Which is an. er, interesting perspective, as there is in fact no “right” to be immune from criticism.

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