True History of Hadiths and Sunna – A must reading for all Muslims and Non-Muslims who are interested in Theology

Interesting. And very damning for current “Muslim” practice. Hell is eternal, Hell is eternal, Hell is eternal…


(Source page: )  – Dr. Hafiz Abdu Samad Ph.D (Comparative Religions & History)

All 2.09 Billion Muslims; and Non-Muslims (who are interested in Theology) must read this message fully. Please forward this page to your relatives and friends. Allah Jalla Aala will reward you insha Allah for advancing this truth to others.Caliphsand hadithsAbu Bakar 1st Caliph gathered disciples of prophet after death of prophet and said to them:

“You squabble among yourselves over hadith, this habit will increase as time goes by. Do not, therefore, narrate any saying of Messenger. If anyone wants to know, you can tell him the Quran is there between you and him. Whatever is allowed ought to be done, and refrain from what has been prohibited in the Quran.”
“If anyone inquires, you can always say tht we have the Holy Quran between us. Whatsoever it has been granted must be made permissible…

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