Racism within white feminist spaces

“Bursting into tears and or running away, when a woman of colour challenges your racist attitude and behaviour, is racist.”

“Demanding to enter black women only safe spaces because you … ‘want to watch… ’ only to sulk and attempt to justify your rights to enter a black women only space by stating ‘how else are we supposed to understand if you won’t let us watch?!’ When the purpose of a black women’s space is explained to you, is racist.”

“A racist cannot be a true feminist. Racists who claim to be feminists are nothing more than handmaidens of the Patriarchy.”

Golden quotes.

Black Feminists Manchester

By Mia

When we talk about ‘white feminist spaces’ what we mean is the default mainstream feminism of the UK, (Europe and USA). A feminism that considers itself superior to women’s movement’s throughout the world, using it’s white privilege to cherry pick which women (of colour) and oppressions are worthy of attention or rescue, viewed through a myopic authoritative white lens.

White feminism must evolve and integrate with multi cultural societies if it is genuinely concerned with the liberation of all women. Barr a few switched on individuals, many white feminists (WFs) I have encountered in the UK, view ‘woman hate’ as the only form of oppression requiring eradication, for women to be free. I wish that was true.

What many WFs still forget or fail to notice is that, women of colour making up the global majority of the women’s population, they face and challenge multiple oppressions i.e. racism, classism…

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