Racism, Islamophobia and Sexual Double Standards.

“Add onto this our rampant Islamophobia, and it becomes easy to see why a 14 year old is being treated differently because of his gender, race, and religion. Easy to see, but wrong in every way.”

That is because they do not have the guts to say what REALLY bothers them, i.e. not being able to have their way with 14 year old South Asian girls.

Sometimes, it's just a cigar

I have been following the news of the arrest of a 14 year old boy for supposedly inciting terrorism in Australia with a growing sense of unease. This peaked when I learnt that he, a child was apparently grooming adults, and is now on trial for this.

We live in a world where if a 14 year old is sexual in any way then they are assumed to not have agency or autonomy. I do not want to go into the long, complex reasons why I think we focus on age rather than consent when we talk about the age of consent, but lets perform a thought experiment. Imagine this was the case of a 14 year old girl, who exploring her sexuality exchanged messages of an explicit nature on the web with two 18 year old men. Would we charge her with incitement? Would we assume she was…

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