On Free Speech and Silencing

“inciting hatred against marginalised groups”

And how does one determine marginalization without freedom of speech in the classical liberal sense of the word?

Spider Circus (and other stories)

Content note: Use of disablist slur, mention of death and rape threats

The issue of free speech has been in the air a great deal lately. It seems that you can’t throw a stone without hitting an article on how free speech is being suppressed and censorship is rife. I’ve read dozens of articles and posts by people stating that they’re being silenced, banned from expressing their views. (Think about that one for a moment).

“Protect free speech!” “End censorship!” “No more silencing!” are cries I’m hearing everywhere, and on the surface, I would agree. Free speech, free expression, is one of the most basic human rights. However, scratch that surface, and you’ll soon realise that the current cries come with a fundamental lack of understanding of what free speech, silencing and censorship actually are. So, here’s a summary:

What free speech is:

– Being able to express your views and state your opinions without fear of being…

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