No-Platforming At UK Universities, A Students Perspective


I’m a university student, an annoyingly liberal and nicely middle class university student. I do a liberal arts degree, my preferred newspaper to read is The Guardian, I’m not however emotionally insecure over my political views, nor my more philosophical views or my views on socio-political affairs, I don’t need to be pandered to. There is a growing trend throughout the UK of this tactic of “no platforming” individuals from speaking at the countries universities, if someone is not absolutely palatable by all members of the university and challenges any beliefs or ideologies then they’re unlikely to make the cut. Be it people like Nigel Farage every-bodies favourite racist toff (sorry Boris, you just aren’t racist enough) or Julie Bindel, the feminist who says what people don’t always want to hear, excuses are made and the shutters are closed. These are not people who pose a direct risk to community…

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