Harun Yahya: Everything is an illusion


First off, for followers of Hinduism and Buddhism that believe in the doctrine of Maya, we must ask: Is it real that Christian relief workers desire to convert people in Nepal to Christ?  That is, if everything is ultimately an illusion (Maya) then it is not real that Christian relief workers desire to convert people in Nepal.  Or that an earthquake happened in the first place for that matter.  And it is hard to make a Hindu objection to Christian doing evangelistic relief work if an Hindu or a Buddhist believes everything is an illusion since that claim itself is an illusion.

Secondly, there is a lot of objection on Twitter that Christianity is exclusive.  It makes exclusivistic truth claims.   An undercurrent behind this objection is that Hinduism/Buddhism is not exclusive like Christianity.  And yet ironically they exclude Christianity.

Thirdly, in light of the point made above, if Hinduism/Buddhism really is not exclusive as it claims to be, then it would have to embrace Christianity as true.  Thus Christians who are doing evangelistic relief work are providing spiritual truths to those who are hurting.  But most Hindus/Buddhists on Twitter object to Christian presentation of the Gospel.  Instead they want Christians to provide physical aid without involving the Gospel.  But if Hinduism/Buddhism really is not exclusive and embrace Christianity as true, why would they reject the spiritual truths but only want physical aid?  Do they want physical aide more than spiritual truths?  If that is the case, isn’t this being attached to the material things with their physical desires being greater than their desire for spiritual realities?  And isn’t that contrary to the ways of Buddhism and Hinduism?

Fourtly, perhaps Hindus/Buddhists object to the above and say Christianity is not true and they object to Christianity because it is not tolerant while their religions is tolerant.  This does not make the problem go away.  If they are truly tolerant will they tolerate Christians who come with earthquake aid who also lovingly present the Gospel and leave the decision up to the individuals?

Comment: As Harun Yahya holds that the visible world of our five senses is illusionary as well, and also claims to be tolerant, the same objections can be used against him. The third point is very useful against post-modernism. The fourth objection is trivial against Antifa who claims that we shouldn’t tolerate the intolerant, ironically also used by Allen West and Geert Wilders.  There is a way, however, to escape the conundrum. Claim that only one thing is true: there are no other truths. I’d like to see the Christian answer to that.


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