Don’t Lean In, Whip It: A call to white feminism

Spider Circus (and other stories)

Former Reading:

A lot of women and other people have said what I’m about to say far better than I can, with reference to their own lived experience. Please read their thoughts, and don’t just take my word for things!


Moving Beyond Conflict in the Feminist Movement

My Feminism Will Be Intersectional Or It Will Be Bullshit

Push(back) at the Intersections: How About Some -isms with Your Feminism?

Racism within white feminist spaces

On perpetual twitter beef

When silencing isn’t silencing and sisterhood isn’t sisterhood

“I can’t think of any high profile white UK feminist who has “rejected” intersectionality”

This is what I mean when I say ‘white feminism’

Speaking for those who already have a voice: why the Twitter Elite cannot speak for minorities


Colonize This!, edited by Daisy Hernandez, Bushra Rehman and Cherrie Moraga

Anything and everything by bell hooks


Over the past few…

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