“Creepy” headline ties in with Podcast Episode 12

“and assumed an intellectual”

Yeah, that can be dangerous. Nerds are EVIL!!!

Discovering the Male Mysteries

After posting my podcast Episode 12 – The Power of Names, I saw the following news article that ties in with the podcast (link at the bottom of this article).  In my podcast, I talk about how the names we call people can build people up or tear them down and particularly about my pet peeve of the use of the word “creepy.”

The article shames a guy on Jeopardy for a “creepy” response to a Jeopardy challenge and before the first paragraph is even done implies the guy might be a pedophile. The answer is, “In common law, the age of this, signalling adulthood is presumed to be 14 in boys & 12 in girls.” The man’s response, “What is the age of consent?” The correct answer was “puberty.”

His response gained him the label of “creepy” and possibly even a “pedophile.”  It doesn’t help that the guy appears…

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