Chicks Dig Jerks?

“The higher the fraction of unmarried men in a population, the greater the frequency of theft, fraud, rape, and murder. ”

And that is why Muslim societies need harsh punishments to keep society together.

And of course these tensions are exported to neighbouring countries. That is why we should exert counter-pressure. Kill a lot of their men and explain that the more men are killed, the more women are left for others. Also, suggest that they rebel against their rulers and divide THEIR women among themselves. In extreme cases, we have to adopt some limited polygamy ourselves and start raiding THEM.

Hell is eternal, Hell is eternal, Hell is eternal!!!

The Human Mating

Is there a measurable tendency for women to be sexually permissive with antisocial and delinquent males? or just are they hard-wired to respond more favorably to attractive guys?. Not only does convicted felon and jailbird Jeremy Meeks (left picture), have hundreds of thousands of women swooning at his mugshot offering to pay his bail and declaring he can hide out at their house.

Male criminality and its correlation with sexual success has spawned a little discussion with a good evolutionary biologyst and regular  commentator on the Manosphere, so-called Paragon (aka Martin Cruz). I debated with him on “No con artis wants a solution (The black Pill blog) and on “Is it you or is it men” (Evan Marc Katz blog), about the role of the criminal behavior on mating opportunities. See the whole discussion over here:

The strategic optima of genetic benefits(indicated in physical attractiveness) is short-term mating, and thus…

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