British teenagers who went to Syria to marry ISIS militants post pictures of ‘self defence practice’ on Twitter

Friends of Syria

Photo: Reuters Women fighters in ISIS in full battle gear over their veiled clothing. Photo: Reuters 

One of the twin sisters from Manchester who have become brides to ISIS fighters in Syria has updated her Twitter account with what she called “self defence training.”

The latest post showed an image of four women in veiled clothing training with their AK-47 assault rifles and handguns at a target off-screen.

The photo was captioned: “Fun day training for self defence in the Islamic State with humble sisters.”

However, neither one of the 17-year-old twins Zahra and Salma Halane could be identified because of their clothing.

According to the Daily Mail, the women are reportedly part of the all-female religious police brigade that the ISIS uses to enforce their hard-line interpretation of Sharia law in Raqqa. This police unit also allegedly includes former school girl Aqsa Mahmood.

The twins, who hail from Chorlton, Manchester…

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