“A woman in the anarcha-feminist conference planning meeting, identifying herself as a radical feminist, described sex work and abortion as ‘contentious issues’ within anarchist feminism.”

That is well known to people who know the scene.

“Instances of transphobia in one of the stalls rooms (first small room next to the main room) – in particular someone claiming that in the 1980s people would claim to be transagist to justify paedophilia (and comparing this to trans* people) and claims that “just because you say you’re a woman doesn’t mean you are one”.”

The existence of transphobia is just as contentious as the existence of islamophobia. To which extent are trans-people appropriating struggles of others, just like Muslims do by claiming “racism”?

Bookfair Timeline

[This is an attempt to clearly lay out the timeline of events at this year’s London Anarchist Bookfair in order to facilitate a conversation about how and why these things happened and how to prevent and confront them in future. In order to accurately reflect the accounts that were emailed to us, and to make the severity of the abuse documented clear, this document contains detailed descriptions of transphobic, misogynistic and racist abuse that are likely to be triggering.

Everything that follows is based on personal accounts emailed to labtimeline@gmail.com (some of which may also have been published elsewhere). Events have been summarised from these accounts, and summaries are accompanied by direct quotes. New information is still welcome and the post should not be considered a full and complete list of everything that occurred, but an unfinished synthesis of what we have received so far.

As there seem to be…

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