What Kind of Human Rights Group Needs to Give THIS Warning to it’s Staff and Members Before a Con?

Does remind of WNs.


The upcoming Men’s Rights conference sponsored by AVFM has some words of wisdom for its staff and members.

For that reason, ANYONE sitting around trash-talking women, men, making violent statements, even jokingly, will be brought to the attention of security who will issue ONE warning (or less). After that, they will be directed by security to leave. There are no exceptions.

Don’t trash talk women? Oh you mean like calling women cunts, whores, bitches and/or psychologically diagnosing them with a cluster B personality disorder?

Don’t trash talk men? Oh you mean like calling men who don’t like AVFM ‘manginas’ and ‘purple poodles’ who are bent on getting pussy by being a male pro-feminist? You must mean calling male journalists ‘antisemites’ and ‘holocaust deniers’ when they expose your hatred?

Don’t make violent statements? Oh you mean like advocating the violent actions of a Father’s rights activist, Thomas Ball? Or the…

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