Viering Armeense genocide in Turkije. . .

“Murka, and a growing number of euronations, have plenty of native-speaking Arabs and Chinese miggers. They do not want (or need) WhiteEyes encroaching on “their” territory.
In fact, they hate whites speaking their tongue. They see them as a threat. They know what you’re up to. They are insular and openly exclude whites from their society in completely the opposite way stupid whites promote “Diversity” and “Vibrancy.”
This, sadly, makes MINOs wiser than whites, as this is the natural way of human group interaction.
If you want to be the first public execution by a Colored Regime, learn their language and ingratiate yourself into their secluded society. You might as well be an Irishman trying to get into the Italian Mafia in 1925. They’ll use you, then when you know too much, you’re dead.
The smartest way is becoming an expert speaker, but telling no one from that clan.”

Kan Gerrit de Wit eigenlijk wel Turks begrijpen? De Hel is eeuwig, de Hel is eeuwig, de Hel is eeuwig…

E.J. Bron


Dit spandoek is te zien in het Turkije van het jaar 2015. Het viert de (bijna) uitroeiing van de Armeniërs 100 jaar geleden: 

“Wij vieren het 100-jarig jubileum van de zuivering van ons vaderland van Armeniërs. We zijn trots op onze voorouders.”

Geplaatst door:
E.J. Bron
(h/t “Vederso”)

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