The little mermaid, barbies, and butterfly wings: how gender sterotypes influence young transitioners

Transgender Reality

A 20 year old male who is questioning his gender identity posts to r/asktransgender:

I remember when I was in elementary school, I never understod the concept of cooties. “What’s so disguting about girls?” I would ask myself. “I’d rather hang out around girls than guys.” As a young child, I felt like some of the things I did were “wrong” for a boy. Most of them are silly things: my favorite colors have always been bright colors; purple and pink, traditionally “girl colors” are in my top 4 favorite colors, and I remember in first grade feeling that it was wrong for me to like these colors. As a child, and growing into adulthood, I always liked having girl friends better than guy friends. Sure, being socialized as a guy in this world, it was easier to have guy friends, so I had more, but I always…

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