Playboy’s Dumb Response to Meghan Murphy (Men Telling Women What Feminism Is)


Meghan Murphy, owner of the wonderful blog Feminist Current, is being targeted by dudes and fauxfems over a post she did on Laverne Cox’s nude photo shoot. Murphy’s been subject to endless harassment and threats for stating the obvious radical feminist analysis of Cox’s photo. This analysis has been around for years and hasn’t changed.

And men don’t like it.

Noah Berlatsky Wonder Woman Bondage and feminism Is it any wonder this dude doesn’t know a thing about feminism?

Playboy just ran an article by Noah Berlatsky calling Murphy a terrible feminist and implying she’s a cold evil meanie racist for her standard and appropriate analysis regarding sexual objectification and radical acceptance.

I normally wouldn’t respond to such tripe from a porn mag but in my view it’s kinda cathartic to laugh at men who show up decades late to the party and start expounding on feminism.

Get your collective yawns ready.

Dudebro immediately conflates black…

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