#OpISIS: Anonymous Issues Ultimatum on ISIS to U.S. Government [Video]

“They are giving Twitter the room to “do their jobs” and shut these accounts down, just as Twitter has pledged to do, and claimed to be concerned with. If they are not shut down, Anonymous suggests that they will just have to do it themselves.”

Even more effective, warn ISIS of eternal damnation.

The Lyrical Elitist

#OpISIS: Anonymous Issues Ultimatum on ISIS to U.S. Government [Video]

Just about a week ago, we broke the story on the “hacktivist” group Anonymous destroying months of recruiting work for the terrorist network known as ISIS. Anonymous took over dozens of accounts on Twitter and Facebook, which have been overtly used as recruiting tools for the group to gain more numbers. Just days after that, the hacktivist group hit back in what we at Counter Current News termed “Round 2.”

In that second round of attacks, Anonymous took down and exposed literally thousands of accounts! They explain that “Round 2” of #OpISIS was “just to show what your government is not doing.” They comment that it is “not that difficult” to fight back against ISIS online. So they raise the question as to why the governments who claim to oppose ISIS are not doing what Anonymous is doing? In this latest “Round 3″ video, Red…

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