Libfem’s Critical MRA Analysis: Females Who Want Space Are Sluts, Whores, Cunts and Nazis


So it appears one woman has finally had enough of me and my pesky ‘women wanting things’ (spaces) and has decided that not only am I cult leader (projection is a funny thing) but I’ve been LYING to her about the fact that males have been chipping away at women’s spaces for a long time, and of course this year once again taking their stalkerish mantrums to Michfest.

To make it clear I hardly know this woman. I’ve watched but a couple of her videos on Youtube and that’s it. I’ve spoken to her in comment sections a few times and she’s been to this blog and left some comments. Other than that I don’t know her at all except she’s part of some gang on Youtube that has it in for me because I think prostitution is male violence against women and males aren’t females. I honestly don’t care…

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