“Dress up, practice girl voice, play around with your hair”. More stereotypes.


That was the first thing that baffled me when encountering the issue.

Transgender Reality

Supposedly, being trans has nothing to do whatsoever with clothes or stereotypes. How curious it is, then, that one of the ways to explore whether or not you might be trans consists of putting on “girl clothes” or make-up – in private. 

Am I trans or not?” Get some girl clothes, try them on and see how it makes you feel! If you like it, you are trans. Apparently humans have an inborn preference for clothing of a specific type.


“Maybe try dressing up as a woman in private”. Somehow this commenter probably doesn’t mean “jeans and t-shirt” when talking about “dressing as a woman”. Makeup is definitely involved, as if makeup is some central aspect of womanhood.


Am I MtF“? Buy some womens clothes.


What are some real life tests we can do in private to further determine whether one is trans?“, one…

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