Black Liberation Love of N Unity

Q: This is something that I have always wondered, “Why do so many black folks attend church and are the holiest of the holy for the Sunday – but hours after the sermon, you’d never know they were Christian?”

Of course, I didn’t phrase this as eloquently as I wanted. This topic has always been on my mind. Hearing a neighbor when I was a kid exclaim, “Hallelujah! Thank ya Jesus!” was nothin’ unusual.

A: Today I’ll tackle this question on this glorious Sunday. It’s quite fitting seeing how religiousness has been on my brain. Not because I went to church and heard the good word but because I am the one black dude out of a handful, that isn’t up in the church or sittin’ on the stoop sippin’ on some “yak” (for the non-black folks this is cognac”. “Lord knows” I ain’t stepped foot in a church since…

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