We Did Not Go Through This To Be GAY.

Black Liberation Love of N Unity

One must remember that the vast majority of our ancestors enslaved were young from ten to sixteen. A very few in their mid to late teens. Who had been forced violently away from their families and tribes and place in a situation by strange pale complexion people who beat rapped tortured and psychologically manipulated into an unnatural conditipn until no memory of their home lands or customs existed. How are xhildren to fight back and with what. Dont be deceived by the propagandist that it was just the warrior class that was captured and enslaved. Very few were because this group was the most deadly. So when you have children raising child to be submissive and weak for hundred of years you have bred a weak and insignificant people. Who now worship and follow the evil of those that enslaved your mind body and to most their spirit. In short…

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