The Dark Future of Israel

The thing is though, WR, that 70 % of Israel is now non-white.

And even among Ashkenazi, most of the newborn are of extremist ultra-orthodox Jews.

Secular Ashekanzi Jews, the backbone of the intellectual stream within World Jewry, are disappearing with stunning speed in Israel both due to lower birth rates as well as to intermarriage which is now at 40 % or so between secular Ashkenazi and secular Mizrahi.

So if Jews immigrate to the Western world, they will be far more foreign due to the fact that Israel already today, at least among it’s young, is far more Arab than European.

This will also make it harder for Ashkenazi American Jewry to support it, especially as Israel continues on it’s religious right-wing turn and while the secular left, which is the dominant theme in American Jewry, is now completely obsolete inside Israel.

Only 25 % in Israel identify with the left according to a recent Haaretz article. And among youths, it’s even lower. That is pretty extraordinary, since young people tend to be more left. Imagine how this generation of Israeli Jews will be when they’re 50? If they even get to that.

The biggest threat to Israel isn’t the Occupation(although it’s a major problem) nor external enemies. It’s the changing demographics, and the lowering of intellectual achievement and cultural closeness with the diaspora.

White intermarriage in the States is 9 %. And that includes intermarriage with white Jews, Asians etc.
Dysgenic intermarriage is probably around 5 % give or take a percentage point.

Now imagine if we had a 45-50 % intermarriage rate with blacks. Not blacks with us, butwe with them. (Of course, we’d have to massively import wives and husbands from Africa in the tens of millions, but this is for a thought experiment only).

This is the equivalent of what the Ashkenazi are doing in Israel. Sure, Mizrahi have higher IQs(around 94 or so), but they’re still very poor in intellectual achievement.

Comment: This will prove troublesome to Saudi-Arabia, as Israel is its main ally. How are darker people treated in Saudi-Arabia, like Ethiopians and Sudanese? Hell is eternal, Hell is eternal, Hell is eternal…

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