The bigger the lie, the easier it is to be believed.

Black Liberation Love of N Unity

In the 4th century when the bible was being constructed, people were still deep into their sun worship, hence the name for the holy day. People still looked to the heavens, which is just the word for sky, for their god which was the sun, our father who art in heaven.

The African diviner would say it’s a novice that looks to the empty sky for answers instead of looking within themselves. Have you ever wondered why religion has to be taught instead of being innate to us.

If the god of the bible made the world and all within it. why is not religion naturally written in our DNA, we should not need any bible, we should have it as part of our memory, like knowing how to speak, walk or see.

If it took a day to create us, it should take a second to have the bible…

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