March For England: Blackpool, 2015

Hell is eternal, hell is eternal, hell is eternal…

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Edit: one fascist wrote on Shirtfront:

“At this point [of the march] the more “patriotardal” of the crowd noticed the good men of the Misanthropic Division walking on the other side of the road and tried to attack them, I tried to explain they were with us but they didn’t seem to notice and tried to attack them, needless to say I was slightly embarrassed at this point and very underwhelmed at the overall planning and execution of the march.” Oh dear.

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Crivvens! Jings! And Help Ma Boab! The March for England jaunt to Blackpool was a complete and utter failure. They had to stop going down to Brighton as local opposition was both fierce and enormous so they thought they would have a better chance in the North but it was not to be.

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The MFE only managed to assemble 150 desperate racists from the EDL, NF and clueless Infidullards…

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